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On the advice of the squirrels, I picked up a bottle of Firefly Sweet Tea Vodka last week at Costco, where it was the ridiculously low price of $16.99 for a bottle. It's smooth, has a very nice sweet tea flavor (no lemon or mint, but you could add those if you like), and quite distinctive.
The bottle:
Firefly vodka

The glass:

Check it out, if you like tea, and vodka. If you dislike either tea or vodka, I'd suggest giving it a pass, as it offers nothing for you. Perhaps their muscadine vodka would be more your speed.
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With the announcment of the nearly-perfect black surface yesterday, I went looking at Wikipedia for a refresher course on carbon nanotubes, and, as is the case, I discovered more than I bargained for:
  • The buckyball is the state molecule of Texas.
  • The improperly-prepared corn muffin is the state muffin of Massachusetts.
  • The Natchitoches meat pie is the state meat pie of Louisiana
  • The blueberry is the state blue berry of North Carolina.
  • Conecuh Ridge Whiskey is the state spirit of Alabama. (Note to self. Must try.)
  • "Great Potatoes. Tasty Destinations." is the state slogan of Idaho.
  • aaaaaand, nearly every state has an official state dirt.
Now you can all be the envy of useless information purveyors the world over!
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This morning I crawled out of bed a little after seven because one of the neighbors apparently reported us to the city for not properly edging our yard, and I had to get it done before the temperature hit 100° (it's only 96° now). The new weedeater/edger went through two spools of line in no time flat, so I traipsed off to Home Depot to buy some in bulk (total used: 7. Damn corner lot). Also, light bulbs.

I called Mrs. Cwabs to see if I could pick up breakfast, and she asked me to stop by and pick up laundry detergent while I was out, so I headed of to Schmuck's (Firefox said I'd spelled the name wrong, and offered that as a correction) to get it.

Walking from the bakery (speaking of unfortunate names, they sell "custard pillows") to the cleaning supply aisle, I passed this on an endcap near the actual beer.

Hard Creamer

It's not every day you see a six-pack of something that was obviously named after an adult film.
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Why is it that I never hear of anyone about to get their crink on?


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