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I mentioned it previously, but since I changed jobs and it was convenient again, I figured it was high time I visited Uncle Lou's Fried Chicken for an update.

Uncle Lou's was recently featured on Food Network's Diners, Drive-In's, and Dives with Guy Fieri. Food Network announcers refer to Guy as "Guy Fee-eddy," but in spite of the Italianization of his last name they don't call him Geeee. Huh. Anyway, Uncle Lou's abounds with references to its being on Food Network, but I didn't take a photo of it.
Uncle Lou's exterior.
The first time I went to Uncle Lou's I had the chicken, and was less than impressed. Mostly because I despise honey, or anything honeylicious. The second time, I had the burger, which is tasty, and worth mention. This time, the menu hadn't changed much:
Uncle Lou's interior
And I thought it would behoove me to order the honey-hot chicken, a seeming middle ground between the cloyingly sweet honey chicken and the blazing heat of something described as "hot chicken." Also, potato salad.
Uncle Lou's Honey Hot chicken
One thing about honey. It makes everything, even hot sauce, taste like bee vomit. There is no disguising the fact that it spent some time inside an insect's digestive tract. I should know better than to order anything with "honey" in the name, the same as I should know better than to order anything with "maple" in the name, as ribs or pork chops that taste like trees are just wrong. I don't care how long you've lived in Canada or Vermont. In any case, next time I think I'll just have the homestyle chicken and skip anything with the word "honey" in it. Or maybe a burger.

I should note that other folks thing Uncle Lou's has the very best chicken in all of Memphis, and perhaps the world. These people were raised by bees.

Uncle Lou's Fried Chicken on Urbanspoon
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While out for a nice bowl of pho at lunch today (last chance for weekday lunch pho for a while; new job is nowhere near any Vietnamese restaurant), I noticed the following option for the Soybean entree:

chicken, bee or shrimp

It's probably honeylicious and all, but I'd think the little buggers would sting.


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