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Jan. 23rd, 2009

fancycwabs: (Fuck it)
A few friends, knowing my marital situation, have offered to fix me up with their single friends. To that end, Tuesday night before my divorce was finalized I had my first "date" with someone that a friend of mine from high school ("Friend 0") set up. I picked her up at her home, and she was attractive, a little funny, charming; not necessarily the girl of my dreams, but pleasant enough company for an evening out. It went fairly well, up until the time that it became apparent that I was Not Yet Divorced (although I WOULD be in a whopping ten hours), whereupon she freaked--apparently my Friend 0 failed to mention that little tidbit about my background, and she thought she was going out with someone with no baggage whatsoever. Her last words at the end of the night ended up being, "I'm not even hugging a married guy."

Fast forward to Monday of this week. Said date ("Friend 1") invites me to a party at her house in a couple of weeks, specifying that she'd prefer it if I "came as a friend of hers," which isn't a problem, but after I accept the invitation, she casually suggest that I "friend" someone else she knows on facebook, suggesting that we'd "hit it off," which is a secret code for something I'm sure. I look at Friend 2's profile, and while I don't find her in any way attactive, and we seem to have little in common aside from living in Atlanta at some point in our lives, I go ahead and add her, because I'm a generally nice guy like that, adding a note that Friend 1 had suggested I do so.

Now Friend 1 has a clear conscience, and Friend 2 is internet stalking me, commenting inanely on every picture I post to Flickr, and every public note I post to Tumblr or Twitter. Is that a thing? Because now I'm irritated at both Friend 1 for trying to dump me off on someone else and Friend 2 for just being a creepy stalker, and am not particularly inclined to show up at the festivites (which I'd been kinda looking forward to at invite time) at all.


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