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On Friday I got a phone call asking if I'd mind playing a few roles for Theatre Memphis' annual production of A Christmas Carol: Shopkeeper, Lamplighter, Partygoer, and possibly Fezziwig, pending arrangements for the weekend before Christmas (I'd already bought tickets to Wicked in St. Louis). Rehearsals are in the afternoon (so that children don't interrupt ongoing productions, I'd wager) so I'm having to come in to work early to make 4:30 call times. Last night was the first meeting/rehearsal, and DAMN there are a lot of children in the production.

At the meeting, the director went around the room and asked the children what Christmas meant to them, and couldn't manage to get anybody in a room of 50 kids to say "Jesus," just so he could say that while Christmas is ostensibly about Jesus (with exposition about pagan winter festivals, Saturnalia, and so on), A Christmas Carol wasn't about Jesus, but instead about love for your fellow man. And Scrooge. (He failed to mention that A Christmas Carol is really about generating $150,000 gross income for the theatre, but really, who can blame him?)

This afternoon, we start with the blocking.

p.s Is Fezziwig supposed to be Irish?

EDIT: New show means new British Empire facial hair! Pictures once it grows in!
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My face is now as smooth as a baby's stubble-covered bottom.
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You remember a couple of weeks ago when I asked for advice on handlebar mustaches, and the only advice I got was from ladies about using earwax? Well, I'll have you know I didn't take it, and this is the result.

Say, The Sneak, I cannot stand what the Homestar Runner is doing. )
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Rehearsal got out a little early for Shrew, and Mrs. Cwabs said she'd be out partying like a grown adult, and various dropped hints indicated that we'd have company this weekend, so I decided I'd catch the late show of 3:10 to Yuma, which is really good up until the end where it turns stupid. But that's not really what this post is about--this post is about what was showing across the hall from 3:10 to Yuma:

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I have determined that Petruchio will have a proper mustache, but am having a time finding mustache wax. I'm not in the mood to pay $7 to ship a $0.99 tube of mustache wax over the internets, so I'm wondering if any of you gentlemen might have had call to grow a magnificent handlebar over the years, and could provide advice. Should I just use hair gel?
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Playing Bill Sikes has required me to become scruffy-looking. As the run of the show has gone on (we've added another weekend after labor dabor--road trip to Memphis anyone?), however, the beard has moved from the scruff department to the beard department. As a result, I believe I am in the market for a beard trimmer.

Does anyone have a recommendation? Do the beard flowbees work? I don't think scissors (which I normally use when I have an actual beard) will provide anything like an even level of stubbliness.

Also, I shall from henceforth tag all entries with suspected neologisms contained therein.


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