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Some three weeks ago, a local restauranteuse named Karen Carrier added various noodle dishes to her Dō sushiya, expanded to lunch hours (and extra evening dinners) and branded the venture Noodle Doodle Dō (the link is to a Memphis Flyer article on the restaurant, which doesn't really have its own website). Since Memphis has a dearth of decent pan-Asian noodle shops, I was excited about the chance to try something new from someone who's generally been pretty adventurous with food (her other restaurants in town consistently get positive recommendations, if not rave reviews). Thanksgiving and the general tendency to have things slip my mind kept me from trying it, but when a midtown friend suggested lunch I figured it was high time to give it a try.
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I mentioned it previously, but since I changed jobs and it was convenient again, I figured it was high time I visited Uncle Lou's Fried Chicken for an update.

Uncle Lou's was recently featured on Food Network's Diners, Drive-In's, and Dives with Guy Fieri. Food Network announcers refer to Guy as "Guy Fee-eddy," but in spite of the Italianization of his last name they don't call him Geeee. Huh. Anyway, Uncle Lou's abounds with references to its being on Food Network, but I didn't take a photo of it.
Uncle Lou's exterior.
The first time I went to Uncle Lou's I had the chicken, and was less than impressed. Mostly because I despise honey, or anything honeylicious. The second time, I had the burger, which is tasty, and worth mention. This time, the menu hadn't changed much:
Uncle Lou's interior
And I thought it would behoove me to order the honey-hot chicken, a seeming middle ground between the cloyingly sweet honey chicken and the blazing heat of something described as "hot chicken." Also, potato salad.
Uncle Lou's Honey Hot chicken
One thing about honey. It makes everything, even hot sauce, taste like bee vomit. There is no disguising the fact that it spent some time inside an insect's digestive tract. I should know better than to order anything with "honey" in the name, the same as I should know better than to order anything with "maple" in the name, as ribs or pork chops that taste like trees are just wrong. I don't care how long you've lived in Canada or Vermont. In any case, next time I think I'll just have the homestyle chicken and skip anything with the word "honey" in it. Or maybe a burger.

I should note that other folks thing Uncle Lou's has the very best chicken in all of Memphis, and perhaps the world. These people were raised by bees.

Uncle Lou's Fried Chicken on Urbanspoon
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Today at lunchtime I had a meeting with the musical director for Sweeney Todd so we could go over my songs and get the tempo changes and a pointer or two about breath support while singing falsetto. It didn't take as long as I figured (I don't have many songs), and I was wondering what to pick up on the way back to work, when I remembered that I hadn't tried the only place in all of Memphis (to my knowledge) that serves banh mi, Indochina.

I'd been intrigued by banh mi by a number of food articles, but mostly by Lore Sjoberg's description of his first time. Knowing that the restaurant only a slight detour on the way back to work, I decided to give it a shot. )
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On the advice of the squirrels, I picked up a bottle of Firefly Sweet Tea Vodka last week at Costco, where it was the ridiculously low price of $16.99 for a bottle. It's smooth, has a very nice sweet tea flavor (no lemon or mint, but you could add those if you like), and quite distinctive.
The bottle:
Firefly vodka

The glass:

Check it out, if you like tea, and vodka. If you dislike either tea or vodka, I'd suggest giving it a pass, as it offers nothing for you. Perhaps their muscadine vodka would be more your speed.


Aug. 21st, 2008 10:02 pm
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Yesterday at lunch I went to ArtsMemphis to pick up some movie passes to go see Hamlet 2 this evening, and since it's right around the corner from Muddy's Bake Shop, I thought I'd see what sort of lunches they did. Not a real wide selection, as it turns out. Tuna salad, chicken salad, and this:
Pimiento cheese BLT from Muddy's Bake Shop
A Pimiento Cheese BLT, which came so close to being great, only everything needed salt. As I was on the go I had to eat it in the car, so I couldn't give it the little dash that would have put it over the top.
On the other hand, I did have this, as well:
Snickerdoodle cupcake from Muddy's
A Snickerdoodle cupcake, cinnamon cake with cinnamon icing. A damn fine cupcake, but not as good as their chocolate or their lemon or their grasshopper or their carrot cake or their espresso.

Then tonight, Hamlet 2, which is quite funny in that independent film sort of way, and has Catherine Keener. Also, [livejournal.com profile] hello_mimi must see it to confirm certain resemblances.
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Last night after the company banquet I stopped by The Flying Saucer for a pint of whatever the fire sale was, and noticed that they had a beer by the local microbrewery, Bosco's, whose restaurant beer is usually just okay--it's usually kinda syrupy and thick and heavy in the Dutch tradition.

Because Bosco's is a competing restaurant chain, the beer is packaged under the name Ghost River Brewing, and the Saucer had their brown ale available. It was really fantastic--it lacked the sugary sweetness of Bosco's normal offerings, but had a distinct hoppy bitterness, with a deep nutty character and some burnt caramel notes, and a pleasant aftertaste. Not the characterless offerings by larger companies, nor the unpleasant "I've been shipped from far far away and nobody really orders me so this keg's been here for two months" of Sam Adams of Anchor. Try it if you get a chance; it's probably only available here or Nashville, which puts it out of the range of my standard LJ audience, but perhaps the @chowmemphis Twitter followers or the folks who might read this once it becomes a Facebook note will take an interest.

And then the good folks at Ghost River Brewing will notice and send me free beer or something.


Aug. 1st, 2008 11:18 pm
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Today I was feeling adventurous at lunch, so I figured I'd try someplace new--or new for me, in any case. Ten years and three companies ago, one of my coworkers would drive clear from Arkansas to have lunch fairly regularly at a Memphis institution. A Memphis institution known as... )
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The soon-to-be-renamed Calhoun's Cheesey Hash Brown Bites are better than they have any business being. If the bar opened earlier, they'd be the perfect hangover food. $1.50 PBR draft is the perfect accompaniment.
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Remember that scene in Casino Royale where James Bond, in shorts, a T-shirt that reads "Our Hoes Are Complimentary", and a fanny pack, goes to the casino buffet and eats way too much? Then he has a heart attack, and runs himself to his sports car and has to defibrillate himself with Vesper Lynd's help? That was the inspiration for tonight's mission. )
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In my ongoing quest to catalog every barbecue place in Memphis, this evening I visited Memphis Smokehouse.
They have barbecue there )
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Based on a couple of online recommendations, I decided to check out Las Delicias today for lunch. I'd invited a coworker along, but when lunchtime rolled around, he'd disappeared.

For $5.99, I got this: )


Mar. 18th, 2008 03:42 pm
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I believe this weekend I'm going to totally do Blackeyed Pea and Pork Gumbo (scroll down). Y'all can come have some if you want.
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Lobster claw game

At the buffalo wing place in Jacksonville, one can attempt to pick a giant lobster out of a tank with a claw for a mere $2. Except there were only two lobsters in the tank, and one of them was GIANT, so your odds were pretty bad. Additionally, the machine was broken.
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I had lunch in Mississippi today--catfish, green beans, purple hull peas, and corn. Because of my diet, it was the largest meal I'd had in a while. It was delicious, and I'm gonna pretend it was healthy. It may not be long before I'll have to get my catfish on this side of the state line.

Apparently some old-school lawmaker in Mississippi has decided that it would be a bad idea to feed fatties in restaurants, and written a law to prohibit the practice, although I wonder if he just to a 1963 law, crossed out the word "black" and substituted "obese." Of course, it's not as if Mississippi has a history of discrimination or anything.

If passed, this law would basically shut down the riverboat casino buffets, and naturally a system of back-alley fried chicken, barbecue, and catfish joints will spring up, where the obese can get their deliciousness fix.

Smoking in restaurants is still acceptable in Mississippi, incidentally, but not in Tennessee. So you'll have to pick either the vice of gluttony or nicotine addiction; to have both means you can't eat anywhere.
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So, as mentioned in the previous post, I tried out Taco Loco for lunch today.
It's not located in the best part of town... )