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Based on what I'm reading on facebook, it appears that my ex-wife has kicked my daughter out of the house. It seems that the catastrophes in their lives didn't stop when I was taken out of the picture.
I didn't think it would come to this, but I'm only a little worried.
I'm going to get all of my stuff from her house this afternoon.
She thinks that this is a big deal to me.
But it really isn't, because I can't stand being in her presence anyways.
The only thing I'm worried about is all of the talk.
I know that she's going to make me sound like a "devil child" to our friends.
Well, forget that.
I am not a devil child.
The only commandment I have a problem with is the "Honor thy mother" one.
But, believe me, I have tried.
I have tried so hard to the point that I agreed to things
only so she would shut up about them.
But I'll be okay.
I'm leaving in two and a half months anyways.
I'm also a little worried about the distance.
I'll mostly be staying at my dad's in Arkansas,
but it's so far from my church,
and I don't want to miss church activities.
Wow. I didn't believe she would actually do it.
Every major horrible incident in my life has been caused by her.
Being kicked out.
Daddy being out of my life for years.
Moving out of Bolton's district, making my 15 minute drive to school a 40 minute drive.
Being lied to, all of these years.
Not having a college fund because she'd rather spend the money on herself.
I'm going to stop now before I get angrier.
But, even through all of this, I've just dropped it.
I just let it go.
Because there's no reason to let her problems keep me from being happy.
I'm really not trying to lash out, but I'm angry.
She kicked me out yesterday without letting me get anything.
Not even my phone charger or a change of clothes.
And you know why she did it?
Because I didn't want to talk to her about her problems.
She said that it was "our problems,"
but I've already told her everything I needed to say.
She just never listened.
I told her what problems I had with her,
every time they would come up.
But she just skimmed them without actually reading what I had to say.
And then she yelled at me and called me horrible things.
I know what my problems are, and I don't need her confronting me about them.
She has no right, no room, to tell me that I have problems.
Everyone knows that she does things that aren't right.
She is almost 39, but she acts like a teenager.
She tries to manipulate people into getting what she wants.
She says that we have money problems,
yet she can go out and have drinks that cost up to $14 each.
She can go out to dinner all of the time,
yet there is hardly any edible food at her house.
One day, all we had was oranges and tortillas.
So I ate an orange for breakfast, an orange and a tortilla for lunch, and two tortillas for dinner.
Sounds tasty, doesn't it?
There is honestly something wrong with her mind if she thinks that is "enough food in the house."
But I am the only one who has the guts to try to tell her.
I tried to be nice about it.
But that was a year ago.
I should have just stopped, since my words obviously had no effect on her.
And that is why I'm not going to try anymore.
I don't care if you think what I'm saying is wrong.
You have not lived my life.
You have not had to deal with her every single day of your life.
Most of you have only seen the fake personality that she puts out when around her friends.
But, if you pay attention, you can see that hint of over-doing it every time she talks.
If you listen, you can hear the lies in the sound of her voice.
I'm just making myself mad.
But I needed to say all of this.
So you could hear my side of the story,
before she tries to tell you what a horrible person I am.
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